Article 0: Objective of the game
GLADXSPACE is an online space warfare game, combining financial and military management, where strategy is crucial to dominate your opponents and build a powerful galactic empire.

Players build buildings, develop technologies, and fight to dominate the galaxy.
Article 1: Respect and Administrative Authority
1.1. All players, without exception, must show respect towards other members of the community as well as the GLADXSPACE administrative team.
1.2. Any form of harassment, insult, discrimination, or inappropriate behavior towards a player or a member of the administrative team is strictly prohibited and will result in sanctions.
1.3. Decisions made by the administrators are final and non-negotiable. The administrators have the responsibility to ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming environment for all.
1.4. Any attempt to publicly challenge or question an administrative decision without going through the appropriate channels will result in sanctions.
1.5. The administrative team reserves the right to modify the rules if deemed necessary for the well-being of the community and the integrity of the game.
Article 2: Account Security and Data Protection
2.1. Each player is responsible for the security of their account. It is recommended to use a strong, unique password and to change it regularly.
2.2. Sharing account credentials with others is strictly prohibited and may result in sanctions.
2.3. The administrative team will never ask for a player's password. Any such request should be reported immediately.
2.4. Players should be cautious of suspicious links and third-party software. They are responsible for any actions taken from their account.
2.5. The game administration commits to protecting players' data and ensuring its confidentiality.
Article 3: Fair Play and Bugs
3.1. Players must not use external software or scripts to gain an unfair advantage.
3.2. Any form of cheating, bug exploitation, or unfair behavior will result in sanctions.
3.3. Players who discover bugs or vulnerabilities are encouraged to report them to the administrative team. Exploiting such bugs is prohibited.
3.4. It is forbidden to profit from a bug, either directly or indirectly.
Article 4: Account Monitoring (Sitting)
4.1. Each account must be managed by a unique player. Any attempt to log in, interfere, or manipulate by an unauthorized third party is prohibited.
4.2. In exceptional and temporary circumstances, a 24-hour tolerance is granted to accounts linked by an official multi-account declaration or to members of the same Alliance to intervene on an ally's account. The intervention must be justified and previously reported to an administrator.
4.3. During this 24-hour period, the only permitted action is the movement of a fleet during an attack. No other game action (such as construction, research, or trade) must be carried out.
4.4. Any abusive use of sitting can result in sanctions. It is the responsibility of the account owner to ensure that their account is used in accordance with these rules.
4.5. Players are not allowed to take advantage of sitting to circumvent the other game rules.
Article 5: Trade and Exchange
5.1. Resource exchanges between players are permitted respecting a conversion rate of 4/2/1.
5.2. Giving resources without receiving in return to a higher-ranked player is prohibited.
5.3. Giving resources without compensation to a lower-ranked player is allowed if it does not allow this player to surpass the donor.
Article 6: Conflicts
6.1. Players can attack other players to obtain resources.
6.2. Attacking the same planet more than 5 times in 24 hours is prohibited.
6.3. Attacking the same player more than 20 times in 24 hours is prohibited.
6.4. An attack cannot exceed a one-way flight duration of 12 hours.
6.5. Alliance members can raid other players, even if the target is under protection.
6.6. Stationing one's fleet at a player under protection is prohibited unless the two players are allies.
6.7. Transferring resources to an alliance member to share technologies with all members is prohibited, technological cloning not being accepted as compensation.
Article 7: Distinctions between Planet, Moon, and Flying City
7.1. Planet, Moon, and Flying City are 3 different entities. The different limitations mentioned below apply to each of them.
7.2. It is strictly forbidden to position a Black Moon on a Moon or on another Black Moon.
7.3. A player can only possess one Black Moon at a time. Possessing several Black Moons is strictly prohibited.
7.4. The maximum number of planets a player can possess is 18. It is strictly forbidden to own more.
Article 8: Bashing Rules
8.1. Attacking a moon or a Flying City in 'Destruction' mode counts towards the bashing limit.
8.2. Attacks with 'Attacking fleet completely destroyed' do not count towards the bashing limit.
8.3. 'Draw' attacks do not count towards the bashing limit.
8.4. Probe attacks and moon attempts do not count towards the bashing limit.
8.5. Missile attacks do not count towards the bashing limit.
8.6. Attacking or destroying a Flying City in 'Technological Cloning' mode on your planet is not subject to a bashing limitation.
Article 9: Alliance Diplomacy
9.1. Wars between alliances automatically cancel the bashing limit for all relevant cases.
9.2. A declaration of war must be official and made via Alliance Diplomacy.
9.3. A declaration of war between alliances will automatically cancel existing non-aggression pacts between these alliances. Once the war is declared, all hostile actions are permitted between members of the warring alliances.
9.4. Diplomacy, betrayals, pacts, and war declarations are essential elements of the game dynamics and must be used in a spirit of fair play.
9.5. Non-aggression pacts (NAP) are agreements between alliances, meaning that members of the concerned alliances commit not to attack members of the other alliance. These pacts must be declared and are visible to all players.
Article 10: Use and Reporting of Bugs
10.1. Using a bug for one's advantage is strictly prohibited.
10.2. Any player who discovers a bug is asked to report it immediately to the Administrator or Gladlanuit (via IG Messages or Discord).
10.3. Failing to report a discovered bug may lead to sanctions.
10.4. Exploiting a bug to one's advantage can also result in sanctions.
10.5. Any method of gameplay aimed at making an opponent's account slow or unplayable is strictly prohibited and may also lead to sanctions.
Article 11: Sponsorship System
11.1. The sponsorship system allows players to invite new participants to join GLADXSPACE and, in return, get a portion of the CREDX the referred player earns.
11.2. A player can have only one sponsor. Any attempt to change or manipulate their sponsor after registration is strictly prohibited.
11.3. Any abuse of the sponsorship system, like creating multiple accounts with the intent to earn CREDX, is strictly prohibited and will be punished.
11.4. CREDX distributed via the sponsorship system cannot be exchanged for real money.
11.5. Players are encouraged to sponsor only people they personally know. Spam or unsolicited advertising in order to gain referrals is prohibited.
11.6. GLADXSPACE reserves the right to modify or cancel the sponsorship system at any time without notice.
Article 12: Vacation Mode
12.1. Vacation Mode is a mechanism designed to protect players when they are unable to play for an extended period.
12.2. Once Vacation Mode is activated, the player is immune to all fleet actions, including attacks, spying, and other forms of interactions from external players.
12.3. Activating Vacation Mode requires a minimum commitment period of 48 hours. During this period, the player cannot perform in-game actions except for receiving their daily CREDX bonus. They cannot deactivate this mode before the end of these 48 hours.
12.4. During Vacation Mode, resource production from mines is halted, only interests from bunkers and warehouses continue to be received. No in-game action (including fleet movements, research, construction, and other activities) is possible during this period.
12.5. Any misuse of Vacation Mode, as a means of strategic protection or an additional measure to avoid in-game consequences, is strictly prohibited and can result in sanctions.
12.6. Players are encouraged to use Vacation Mode responsibly and only when they truly cannot play.
Article 13: Alliances and CREDX Donations
13.1. Alliances provide players with a platform for collaboration, better strategic coordination, and access to unique benefits.
13.2. To enhance these benefits, members can contribute CREDX to their Alliance's treasury. These contributions are crucial for the Alliance to level up.
13.3. The Alliance Laboratory offers various advantages, such as increased production yields, enhanced gains from explorations, and improved capacities of bunkers and transport ships.
13.4. The use of farming accounts or secondary accounts to artificially inflate the Alliance's CREDX contributions is strictly prohibited. Accounts involved in such actions can face sanctions, ranging from suspension to deletion.
13.5. In case of suspected abuse, administrators reserve the right to audit CREDX donations within Alliances. They may also decide to downgrade an Alliance's level or shut it down permanently to protect the game's integrity.
13.6. Attempts to circumvent or exploit the Alliance donation system will be treated with the utmost severity.
Article 14: AstroCaisse
14.1. The AstroCaisse represents a community pot, increased by 5% of the total value of each resource pack purchased by players.
14.2. Although accessible to all, every player must use the AstroCaisse in a spirit of fairness and respect for the community.
14.3. Setting up a secondary account with the intention to exploit the AstroCaisse, and then transferring resources to the main account, whether directly or indirectly, is strictly prohibited.
14.4. Any breach of these rules, especially any attempt to manipulate or exploit the AstroCaisse, will be severely penalized.
14.5. The administrators, concerned about the game's integrity, reserve the right to closely monitor activities related to the AstroCaisse.
Article 15: Advertising and Promotion
15.1. It is strictly forbidden to advertise or promote another game or third-party service within GLADXSPACE, whether in chats, forums, private messages, or any other communication means offered by the game.
15.2. Any promotion or mention of other games, their events, their offers, or any other activity aiming to divert the attention or interest of GLADXSPACE players will be considered a breach of this rule.
15.3. Using the GLADXSPACE platforms to promote or advertise other games or services on social networks, websites, or other external platforms is also forbidden.
15.4. In case of doubt regarding the relevance or acceptability of content, players are encouraged to consult an administrator before sharing or publishing it.
Article 16: Unlimited Extractions Bonus
16.1. The 'Unlimited Extractions' bonus offers players the opportunity to extract without limits for a period of 4 hours, every 5 days.
16.2. During this period, the number of extraction slots is increased to 5 times the slots normally available to the player.
16.3. The use of programs, bots, scripts, or any other automated means to maximize gains during this period is prohibited. Offenders will be sanctioned.
16.4. Any attempt to bypass the 5-day waiting period to activate the bonus more frequently is strictly forbidden.
16.5. Creating or using a secondary or 'farming' account to abusively benefit from this bonus is strictly forbidden and can lead to severe sanctions on all involved accounts.
16.6. Administrators reserve the right to verify, audit, and take corrective measures regarding the use of this bonus at any time.
Article 17: Use of the Bonus Store
17.1. The Bonus Store is a space where players can exchange their CREDX for various in-game bonuses and advantages.
17.2. Any purchase made in the Bonus Store is final and non-refundable.
17.3. The use of the Bonus Store is entirely at the discretion and responsibility of the player. Any action, purchase, or activation made in the Bonus Store is considered final. In the event of error, regret, or mishandling, neither GLADXSPACE nor any of its administrators or moderators can be held responsible. It is the player's responsibility to ensure the accuracy of their actions before finalizing a transaction or activation.
17.4. It is forbidden to exploit potential flaws or bugs in the store to obtain bonuses without spending CREDX or at a reduced rate. Any player detected exploiting such a flaw will be sanctioned.
17.5. The offers and prices of the Bonus Store may vary without notice. Players are invited to regularly check the store to be informed of the latest offers.
17.6. In the event of a server malfunction or bug, the duration of temporarily activated bonuses will not be modified or compensated.
17.7. Administrators reserve the right to audit, verify, and intervene on any suspicious transaction or behavior related to the Bonus Store.
Article 18: Technological Cloning
18.1. Technological cloning allows players to send their dark moon to another player's planet on a specific cloning mission, with the aim of temporarily benefiting from their technologies.
18.2. Once the dark moon is deployed for cloning, the player benefits from the cloned technologies for a maximum duration of 7 days. At the end of this period, the player has the option to resend their dark moon for an additional 7-day period.
18.3. It is strictly forbidden to position two dark moons in the same location. Any violation of this rule will result in severe sanctions.
18.4. Technological cloning is considered a hostile fleet mission. Thus, this mission is subject to rules of limitation between strong and weak players. However, this limitation does not apply if the involved players are members of the same alliance.
18.5. Each player has the option to accept or decline attempts at technological cloning on their planet. This preference can be set in the game options.
18.6. In line with point 18.5, it is possible for a player to launch a technological cloning mission on a non-alliance player, strategically taking their technologies.
18.7. Any attempt to bypass or abusively exploit the technological cloning system will be treated with the utmost severity.
18.8. Players are encouraged to use technological cloning strategically, while respecting the rules and ethics of the game.
18.9. GLADXSPACE and its administrative team reserve the right to make modifications to the technological cloning system and intervene in the case of behaviors or uses deemed inappropriate.
Article 19: In-Game and External Events
19.1. Events are special occasions offered to players to earn additional rewards, participate in unique challenges, or celebrate specific occasions related to the game.
19.2. Events can take place directly in the game, on the associated Discord server, or on GLADXSPACE's official social networks.
19.3. Players are responsible for their active participation in events. An absent or inactive player during an event's duration cannot later claim rewards or request the event's renewal.
19.4. Any attempt at cheating, exploiting bugs, bypassing rules, or any toxic or disrespectful behavior during an event will result in the player's disqualification and may lead to further sanctions.
19.5. GLADXSPACE and its administrative team reserve the right to modify, cancel, or extend an event without prior notice.
19.6. Decisions made by the administrative team regarding rewards or any other aspect of events are final and non-negotiable.
19.7. Players are encouraged to participate in events in a spirit of fair play and mutual respect.
Article 20: Interaction and Behavior towards the Administrative Team
20.1. GLADXSPACE is overseen by a dedicated administration team that works to ensure a fair, secure, and enjoyable gaming experience for all.
20.2. Players are required to respect and interact politely with the administrative team members, whether in-game, on official platforms, or social media.
20.3. Any abusive, harassing, discriminatory, defamatory behavior, as well as any attempt at manipulation, coercion, or threats towards the administrators, will be dealt with utmost severity.
20.4. Players are encouraged to express their concerns, suggestions, or complaints constructively. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that the final decision on all aspects of the game belongs to the admin team.
20.5. The GLADXSPACE administrators hold sovereign rights over the game, its direction, its moderation, and its rules.
20.6. Players are reminded that GLADXSPACE is a platform for entertainment. Mutual respect and courtesy promote a healthy and enjoyable gaming experience for all.
Article 21: Sanction Scale
21.1. Written Warning:
- First minor breach of rules.
- Clear communication about the nature of the breach.
- No direct punitive action but a reminder of the rules.

21.2. Monitoring:
- Player's account is marked for close monitoring for a period of 7 days.
- Any new breach during this period will lead to stricter sanctions.

21.3. Temporary Suspension:
- Following repeated or serious offenses, without reaching the level warranting an extended suspension.
- Duration ranging from 2 hours to one week.

21.4. Extended Suspension:
- In case of recurrence or a serious breach of the rules after a temporary suspension.
- Duration ranges from 8 days to several months, determined based on the severity of the offense and the player's past behavior.

21.5. Permanent Suspension:
- For extremely serious offenses or multiple recurrences.
- Permanent ban from the game with the concerned account.

21.6. Specific Sanctions:
- In some cases, sanctions tailored to the situation may be applied, such as confiscation of resources, fleet or building destruction, etc.

21.7. Reimbursement:
- A player may be required to reimburse the resources or damages inflicted on another player in case of a serious breach of the rules.
- The amount and terms of reimbursement will be determined by the administration.
Article 22: Acquisition of CREDX
22.1. CREDX can be obtained through real money transactions using the payment methods offered in the store.
22.2. The game may offer CREDX as rewards for certain actions or events.
22.3. Purchasing CREDX grants no decision-making advantage, immunity to rules, or priority over other players. Every player is treated fairly, whether they purchase CREDX or not.
22.4. Although CREDX purchases support the game's development and maintenance, all players are equal in the eyes of the administrators and the community. Benefits from purchasing CREDX are strictly those indicated in the store and do not extend beyond.
22.5. Purchased CREDX are non-refundable, and transactions are considered final.
Article 23: Use of CREDX
23.1. CREDX are virtual units in GLADXSPACE that can be used to acquire bonuses, resources, or to speed up specific actions in the game.
23.2. Accumulation, expenditure, transfer, or purchase of CREDX must be done with absolute respect to the game's integrity and its rules.
23.3. It is strictly prohibited to use CREDX for unauthorized transactions, like purchasing an account or any other goods/services outside the game's framework.
23.4. Players are allowed to transfer CREDX to others, but only if the donor has previously made a CREDX purchase via the store.
23.5. Any misuse or inappropriate use of CREDX can lead to sanctions, ranging from confiscation of wrongly acquired CREDX to more severe disciplinary measures.
23.6. CREDX have no monetary value outside of the game and cannot be exchanged, refunded, or converted into real money.
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